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Allows you to control a radio scanner through your computer
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ProScan is a software solution that allows you to control a radio scanner through your computer. Luckily, the tool supports a wide range of scanner types, including BCT15, BCT15X, BC250D, BC296D, BR330T, BC346XT, BC346XTC, BCD325P2, BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, BC780XLT, BC785D, BC796D, BCD996T, BCD996XT, BCD996P2, SDS100, SDS200, SDS100E, SDS200E, UBCD3600XLT and USDS100. As this program is intended for a rather infrequent purpose, it logically requires specialized knowledge from the user. In spite of that, I have to admit that its developers have done their best in designing a quite intuitive interface. In addition, it comes with a detailed user manual.

The product is full of features that can help do more than what you can normally do if you use the old hardware-based tools. First, it lets you program a database with the available frequencies. Second, it allows you to control the program remotely through a standard web browser. Third, and this is probably the one that I find most convenient, the tool lets you use a remote scanner over IP. Fourth, it has a built-in recorder for the audio streams. Other features you may find quite convenient are the possibility to monitor channels and manage sessions.

All in all, ProScan is generally regarded as one of the best tools of its kind and many users agree that, although most of the radio equipment you buy comes with its own software, ProScan can be a much better choice due to its versatility. All the features of this product can be tried without cost for a month, which is a reasonable period for you to come to a decision. Besides, it has the advantage that, once you buy it, you will receive updates absolutely free of charge. Finally, it is also good to know that the developers also offer a free version with various limitations.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a wide range of hardware
  • Controls scanner remotely via web browser
  • Connects to remote scanner over IP
  • Channel monitoring


  • Steep learning curve
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